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Body Tite

A Revolutionary Way to Reshape Your Body in Tuscany

Skin laxity and flaccidity is common in those who have suffered skin damage through pregnancy or have undergone fast or sudden weight loss. Today, thanks to the revolutionary BodyTite method it's easy to get rid of flabby areas, without the need to resort to involved cosmetic surgery.

For a tighter body

BodyTite is a minimally invasive treatment with a quick recovery time, proven to reduce localised fat deposits, creating a firmer body. It is a viable alternative to traditional liposuction for those with untoned skin and skin with stretch marks. With BodyTite we can easily tone and reshape the abdomen, waist, thighs, arms and buttocks and reduce cellulite. 

Immediately visible results

The radio provides a very effective and quick result for a well re-designed contour, with compaction and skin toning. The results of treatment are complete and final after 6-12 weeks, but immediately after surgery you notice an improvement of as much as 30% compared to traditional liposuction. In fact, scientific studies show that BodyTite promotes better contraction of tissues by 35% on average, diminishing post-operative discomfort.

A revolutionary method

The technology used, called RFAL (Radiofrequency assisted liposuction), compared to liposuction, allows more efficient aspiration of fat cells through a directed and controlled heating of tissue. In this way it ensures a greater uniformity in shaping the tissues and an improvement in skin tone, but also involves a more rapid and less traumatic post-operative course of care. Being a minimally invasive technique, the treatment is done in day surgery, without the need for hospitalisation.

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