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The Solution to Weight Loss in Florence

To have a lean and toned physique means restoring harmony within our bodies.  With Clinic Aesthetic Europe's range of solutions for weight loss you'll soon be able to smile again and feel proud of your beautiful body.

The health risks

Starting on your journey to weight loss is an important step toward helping you feel good about yourself, but first and foremost our focus should be on improving or health. Getting in shape means you're no longer at risk of diseases related to obesity and weight problems such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, osteoarthritis, hyperlipidemia and sleep apnea syndrome.

The psychological benefits

Very often obesity, or simply being overweight, as well as posing a risk to our health, causes depression, anxiety and rejection of your own image. The discomfort results in low self-esteem and feelings of personal inadequacy and that's why losing weight helps you feel better. It eliminates the psychological discomfort that limits an active social life. Let the Clinic Aesthetic Europe help you get on the path back to you.

Customised slimming

Our treatments are aimed at achieving healthy weight loss through personalised treatment under strict medical supervision. At the Clinic Aesthetic Europe you can benefit from different types of slimming treatments including:
  • Waist and abdominal fat reduction
  • Improvement of the hips and 'saddle bag' reduction
  • Reduction of double chin
  • Reduction of localized fat in the arms and legs
  • Cellulite removal
  • Elimination of water retention

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