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Say Goodbye to Unwanted Hair With
Hair Removal Treatments in Florence

For women, the removal of unwanted and excessive hair growth can be a painful and exhausting daily battle. Waxing, epilating and using epilatory cream only temporarily solves the problem and they can be uncomfortable and painful solutions. With hair removal at the Clinic Aesthetic Europe you can wave goodbye to unwanted hair, permanently.

Hair removal and hair removal

Though seemingly the same, Hair Removal and just hair removal can in fact be two very different things! Traditional 'hair removal' means merely the removal of the hair shaft, as with shaving for example. And hair removal can also refer to the removal of the hair from its actual follicle, as is done with tweezers or waxing. But the most effective methods of hair removal are laser and pulsed light treatment.

Hair removal with pulsed light

This hair removal system works using IPL (Intensive Pulse Light). This is the emission of light beams that eliminate the hairs through a photothermolysis system that destroys the hair follicles completely. IPL offers excellent results in a short space of time, and unlike laser epilation is also effective on light hair.

Laser hair removal

Laser hair removal sees the removal of the hair through an invisible beam of light, which creates a constant source of heat that penetrates into the hair follicle and burns the hair at the root. Effective and accurate, and most suited to dark hair, it is the most effective and innovative method for the permanent removal of unwanted hair.

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