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The Home of Beauty in Florence 

Clinic Aesthetic Europe is a state-of-the-art centre for cosmetic medicine and surgery. Our modern clinic, located in the Gavinana neighbourhood of Florence, is up to date with the most innovative cosmetic and surgical techniques. Our experienced professionals are committed to satisfying each patient’s needs and we provide assistance at every stage of the surgical process - from scheduling to procedural care and post-surgery check-ups.
dottori preparano una ragazza ad un trattamento estetico

Medical and cosmetic surgery treatments

Clinic Aesthetic Europe specialises in both medical and cosmetic surgery. All treatments and therapies delivered in our facility are aimed at the prevention and medical treatment of imperfections, ageing and the re-defining of your body, with the aim of improving your natural appearance and aesthetic goals. Sometimes to help you achieve your goal we recommend more  invasive interventions. Our highly-trained specialists are equipped to carry out these more involved treatments under general anaesthetic, but we also deliver non-invasive treatments, or a combination of both surgical and medical to achieve the desired result.

A variety of treatments

At Clinic Aesthetic Europe we deliver different types of treatment according to your personal needs:
Donna bella dopo i trattamenti di medicina e chirurgia estetica a Firenze

The path to true beauty

Concerns about imperfections to the appearance come from physiological needs but often also from personal psychological discomfort, such as post-accident trauma, for example. In other cases, it can arise from a disorder of body image. This is why everything we do is born first from a direct conversation with and psychological assessment of the patient. This step is essential to understanding what the most effective solution to your problem is in order to help you regain a positive relationship with your body. To feel more beautiful in yourself and to others.
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