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Combat the Signs of Ageing

Ageing may be a natural phenomenon but that doesn't make it easy to accept! The hands, neck, face and eyelids are the most exposed parts of our body and so are subject to premature ageing and imperfection. Now, thanks to modern technology and well-qualified surgeons like those at Aesthetic Clinic Europe in Florence, you can achieve the most natural looking yet youthful results with a facelift.

Slow down the effects of time

As you age, the natural signs of ageing such as wrinkles, begin to show themselves especially as the skin loses elasticity and tone, resulting in skin laxity. Wrinkles are an unhappy phenomenon marking the visual and progressive decline of our bodies. There is no way to stop the skin ageing process but you can intervene to slow down the appearance of these imperfections through cosmetic surgery. The facelift is the most well-known and practiced intervention to obtain a beautiful and natural looking rejuvenation of our body.

Temporal lift

The temporal, or temporo-frontal lifting operation, is done surgically to highlight the eyebrows or change their appearance, giving noticeably rejuvenated facial results. It's accomplished through two different methods: an external procedure and an endoscopy. Risk reduction and decreased recovery time make the second option the most popular. To achieve the optimum effect, often the temporal facelift is combined with other interventions such as blepharoplasty or lipofilling.

Lifting of face and neck

A face lift works to create a more youthful facial appearance. Put simply, it involves the removal and reshaping of excess facial skin from around the patient's neck. Depending on your expectations, age and estimated recovery time, it can be implemented in a choice of ways. Considered factors include type of incision, level of invasiveness of the procedure and predicted resulting effect. During your medical examination you and your surgeon will discuss and decide the best solution. The benefits of a good face lift remain visible for more than ten years.

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