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LPG e Endosphère

LPG and Endosphere Treatments in Florence

Cellulite is the number one enemy of women. Yet it is a very common blemish that hangs on not only your weight but also factors such as circulation and water retention. Although it is very difficult to eliminate it permanently, you can fight it with treatments that ensure excellent efficiency and visible cellulite reduction: LPG and Endosphere.

Manual lymphatic drainage

The Endermologie LPG is based on connective massage therapy and Manual is a veritable manual lymphatic drainage that eliminates water retention and improves skin elasticity. Initially designed for the treatment of scars and burns, Endermologie was born in France in the early 80's and was later associated with a mechanical massage technique that used sophisticated electromedical equipment, called Cellu M6 Keymodule. Through a mechanical extraction system, Endermologie LPG restores and reactivates the connective tissue functions, which, with age or due to diseases, have become deficient.

Endosphère Therapy

Endosphere Therapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves rolling hypoallergenic silicone spheres that produce pulses and rhythmic actions on the body, acting on the lymphatic system and eliminating excess fluid, characteristic of lymphatic stasis. This method acts directly on the main causes of cellulite - lymphatic stasis, fluid accumulation and the aggregates of fat cells - thus vascularizing, draining, restructuring and relaxing the muscles, with visible results after just one session.

Effective against cellulite

A poor lymphatic system is definitely responsible for the onset of water retention, which in time inevitably leads to unattractive cellulite. In this case, Endermologie is one of the most effective methods to combat widespread cellulite. Acting at the level of the lymphatic system favours the reabsorption of excess fluid and waste that accumulates during the processes of metabolism, gently stimulating the emptying of the lymphatic vessels. LPG Endermologie acts on localised fat, cellulite, flabby thighs, buttocks, hips, inner thighs, arms and the belly. Its action is developed by re-modelling the shape of each part of the body with safe and visible results after the very first session.

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