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Breast Surgery by Experts in Florence

A true symbol of femininity, breasts characterise the beauty of the female shape and enhance its sensuality. Clinic Aesthetic Europe can take action to reduce or add volume to your breasts, and improve their shape, tone and aesthetic appearance
for a natural result that works in harmony with the rest of the body.

Breast Reduction

Large and sagging breasts is a common cosmetic problem created often by imbalances with weight or problems such as back pain, scoliosis and bad posture. In these cases you can successfully intervene with a breast reduction. Breast reduction aims to make the breasts smaller and firmer: removing excess skin, fat and glandular tissue creating a reduction in the size and elevation of the breast. The result is more beautiful,  less heavy and perfectly proportioned breasts.


Over the years, factors such as skin ageing, pregnancy, breast-feeding and weight change can contributes to breast ptosis or lowering of the breast, so that it loses elasticity, shape and firmness, becoming saggy. Mastopexy, a breast lift, restores shape and position to breasts with or without implants. It is a very safe and painless procedure, with a rapid recovery time that involves just a day in hospital.

Breast Augmentation

Increasing the size and shape of under-developed breasts or correcting breast asymmetry is possible with breast augmentation. The procedure, one of the most popular in cosmetic surgery, is safe and involves just a day in hospital, with a rapid recovery time. Volume is increased using alloplastic prostheses or implants (silicone or polyurethane) or autologous adipose tissue inserts (lipofilling). The resulting increased breast volume accentuates femininity and rejuvenates breast appearance with improved skin texture and firmness.

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