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Treatments to Enhance the Beauty of Your Face in Florence

Restoring freshness and rejuvenation to the face is the primary concern of every woman and more recently of some men too. Over the years, the skin gradually loses its ability to retain water and its elasticity: which manifests in imperfections such as wrinkles, dull skin and spots. The market offers many cosmetics for the face, but only aesthetic medicine treatments can solve the problem in a truly effective way.


The skin, and in particular that of the face, is very sensitive to the effects of time. Sun exposure, pollution, extreme temperatures, stress and hormonal changes are all factors that result in progressive deterioration of the freshness and firmness of the skin. Cosmetics help to keep your skin hydrated and exfoliated, but in the long run the skin is ultimately affected by the signs of aging. To rediscover the freshness of your face without cosmetics, consider the treatments available through aesthetic medicine. A range of options are now available that can bring about a noticeable, natural recovery of the skin's youthfulness.

Treatments with zero impact

Cosmetic medicine provides the patient with different therapies for the rejuvenation of facial tissues, neck and body areas that need lifting action, such as arms, inner thighs and buttocks. These soft non-invasive techniques are capable of re-compacting and firming the skin tissues, post-poning the need for cosmetic surgery by solving imperfections. Our "zero" impact treatments solve a wide spectrum of problems, rejuvenating without dramatically changing the skin's appearance, giving a natural result. Generally they take just a few minutes and are very simple procedures.

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